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We have been developing and implementing environmental technologies for over 30 years

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Products manufactured by SIE “ECONAD”

ECONAD has been developing and implementing environmental technologies for 25 years,
aimed at protecting the environment from oil pollution.

The main directions:

  • localization of oil pollution,
  • oil spill response,
  • water purification from oil pollution,
  • purification of oily waters,
  • purification of soil from petroleum products (bioremediation).

Production of environmental products:

  • sorbents for the sorbent of oil “Econadin”, a sorbent for oil products and chemicals,
  • boom barriers, barrage booms, boom barrage “Ekonad”
  • sorbing booms, napkins and mats for collecting oil, materials for collecting oil products and chemicals
  • a skimmer of oil products, a skimmer for collecting oil products under the TM “ECONAD”, “XENA”
  • kits for collecting oil and eliminating oil spills, Ecological kits “ECONAD”
  • Tanks for the storage of petroleum products and much more
  • sea buoys for water areas and coastal areas
Biosorbent "Ekonadin" - oil sorbent No. 1! The first and main product manufactured by EKONAD is the sorbent - biodestructor "Econadin" (short for the name "Ecological Hope") - a new generation sorbent of oil with sorption and destructive activity to oil hydrocarbons. The Econadin oil sorbent helps to eliminate oil spills and leaks of any volume of oil products on water, soil and solid surfaces. Oil sorbent "Ekonadin" - a unique natural oil absorbent, which contains bacteria-destructors for bio-destructive effects on hydrocarbon-containing compounds. All oil sorbents of the ECONAD company have conclusions of the sanitary-epidemiological service of Ukraine, are approved by the Ministry of Ecology and Environment of Ukraine, and are recommended for use by the State Ecological Inspectorate. Econadin biosorbent eliminates oil pollution much more efficiently than other oil sorbents.
The tasks that oil sorbents produced by ECONAD solve: 1. Elimination of oil pollution without environmental damage; 2. The elimination of oil spills in the shortest possible time, the localization of oil stains and the prevention of further distribution of oil products; 3. Ensuring further restoration of the natural balance and stimulation of natural self-cleaning functions. Many experts and environmentalists in Ukraine recommend the use of sorbents for oil products from the company "ECONAD", since they have high sorption properties and significant destructive activity in relation to oil hydrocarbons. The sorbents of Econadin oil include superdestructive bacteria that oxidize oil hydrocarbons to the final decomposition products - water and carbon dioxide. Bacteria are avirulent and safe for both humans and the environment.

The sorbent of Econadin oil is: - An effective tool for the prompt elimination of emergency oil spills and organic pollution; - Absolutely natural and environmentally friendly product for people and for the environment; - Fully biodegradable in the natural environment sorbent of petroleum products due to the organic peat composition; - The sorbent of Econadin oil products has a high absorbent capacity - 100 kg of Econadin is enough to absorb 800 kg of oil. Any oil spill response will be

The sorbent for the elimination of oil spills "Econadin" is easy to use. It absorbs powerfully and quickly - the result is visible within a few seconds. Subject to the instructions and methodological recommendations, any user will be able to independently use (apply) oil sorbents. Any oil spill response will be effective and efficient using our products.

Benefits for users of the sorbent for the collection of Econadin oil products: - Available in convenient packaging with bright markings; - The production of sorbents is carried out according to special patented technologies. - All permits of Ukraine are provided along with the products, "Econadin" is known to all inspecting authorities; - Positive feedback from 300 enterprises of Ukraine; - Long shelf life - more than 5 years; - Delivery as soon as possible to anywhere in Ukraine; - Urgent delivery within 24 hours in emergency cases for prompt response to emergency oil spills; - Private consultations and recommendations on the use of the product, taking into account the peculiarities of the situation or the conditions of the enterprise; - For regular customers - a flexible system of discounts! .

To buy oil sorbent by leaving a request on our website or by calling the contact numbers. You can buy booms, you can also leave a request on our website by attaching the terms of reference to it. ECONAD SKM oil skimmer, XENA oil skimmer can be bought both in our company and from our dealers We deliver throughout Ukraine. In the shortest possible time, you will be delivered a sorbent for collecting oil (oil sorbent), as well as other products of the EKONAD company. Phones for technical advice: +38 (0482) 34-96-53, +38 (048) 722-16-58 or MTS +38 (050) 395-45-84, KS +38 (067) 553-15-18 . You can also send a letter of technical specifications to the email addresses: contact@econadin.com


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