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LLC «ECONAD» was founded in 1991. In 2002 «ECONAD» took part in joint international bilateral command post exercise of the ... Read more

Oil spill clean-up: a trade-off between human health and ecological restoration?

Although the frequency and amount of spills have decreased in the past decade,1 recent episodes of oil spills have been …

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Oil spill response capabilities and technologies for ice-covered Arctic marine waters: A review of recent developments and established practices

Renewed political and commercial interest in the resources of the Arctic, the reduction in the extent and thickness of sea …

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Arctic Oil Spill Response

Emergencies associated with a product such as oil require prompt intervention to prevent environmental disasters. A fairly complex process is the elimination …

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Oil Absorbent Booms

Our oil absorbent booms will float on water even if saturated. These booms are often referred to as sorbent booms, …

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Inflatable oil containment boom

Inflatable oil booms are typically used onboard response vessels where a foam filled boom would be too bulky. The reduced …

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Inflatable Booms

Inflatable Booms are Light Weight and Air Inflated Booms that are generally used for emergency deployment for oil spills. These …

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How Does an Oil Containment Boom Work?

Temporary floating containment for oil spills oil containment boom with ship An oil containing boom in action An oil containment …

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Booms are temporary floating barriers used to contain marine spills, protect the environment, and assist in recovery. A boom includes …

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Designed for operational localization of oil and oil products spilled on the water surfacein order to prevent their further spread, …

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Mavi Deniz Barrier is a solid flotation barrier that offers cost-effective, well-tested oil containment. The barrier model ranges from sheltered …

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The largest oil spills in human history

The tragedy in the Gulf of Mexico showed how a person with his own hands can destroy nature with the …

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