The company "ECONAD" provides the following services

Elimination of emergency spills of oil and oil products

“Econad” provides consulting services to improve the efficiency of work related to the cleanup of oil and petroleum product spills in open sea, marine and fishery ports, technological reservoirs, ground surfaces, concrete structures, and so on.

Cleaning of metal structures, concrete, and asphalt surfaces contaminated with petroleum products

Cleaning metal structures, concrete, and asphalt surfaces contaminated with oil products is a labor-intensive task that requires a certain amount of effort and time.

Oil Spill Cleanup and Soil Remediation

Hydrocarbons from oil are one of the most common pollutants in the environment, particularly in soil, in areas of oil production, transportation, processing, and manufacturing, where crude oil or petroleum products are used as raw materials.

Treatment of oily wastewater

If oil-containing wastewater is discharged into the municipal sewage system or directly into a water body after treatment, additional adsorbers with activated carbon or other effective sorbent loading are provided.

Restoration of sandy beaches after oil spills. Cleaning of the coastal zone.

Restoration of sandy beaches after oil spills can be a very challenging process, as oil can have a very negative impact on the surrounding environment and ecosystems of sandy beaches.

Development of regulatory documentation

The development of regulatory documentation is an important stage in the implementation of any activity that requires the establishment of rules and standards. Regulatory documentation can take different forms, such as laws, regulations, orders, instructions, provisions, etc.