Development of regulatory documentation

Regulatory documentation

The development of regulatory documentation is an important stage in the implementation of any activity that requires the establishment of rules and standards. Regulatory documentation can take various forms and types, such as laws, regulations, orders, instructions, provisions, etc.

List of proposed services:

  • Prevention of emergency situations related to oil spills and planning actions to eliminate their consequences
  • Planning measures to prevent and eliminate emergency situations,
  • Planning operations for the localization and elimination of oil spills,
  • Development and correction of LARH and PLAS plans,
  • Support for the coordination of LARH and PLAS plans with regulatory authorities during state examination,
  • Risk assessment of emergencies and their consequences, analysis of the sufficiency of preventive measures taken at enterprises.

Environmental support for the operation of an industrial facility

  • Development and examination of industrial safety declarations of a hazardous production facility,
  • Passport of a potentially hazardous object.

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