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Our advantages

LLC «ECONAD» has been developing and implementing environmental technologies for 30 years, aimed at protecting the environment from oil pollution.

• sorbents for collecting oil, oil sorbent “Econadin”, sorbent for oil products and chemicals;
• booms, barrier booms;
• accessories for booms;
• sorbent booms, napkins and mats for collecting oil, materials for collecting oil products and chemicals;
• oil products skimmer;
• ecological first-aid kits “ECONAD”;
• tanks for storage of oil products;
• cleaning products;
• float products;
• sea buoys for water areas and coastal zones.

• sea and river ports;
• oil and gas industry;
• chemical industr;
• industrial plants and factories;
• aviation companies;
• railway companies;
• transport companies, filling stations;
• other facilities where petroleum products are used.

Clients can contact us through the website and social networks, by writing to us on official e-mail, by phone or during the personal meeting with the manager
Our managers are actively working to disseminate information about the company’s products and services. Cold calls, e-mail marketing and keeping in touch with our regular customers – every task is a priority for us

We expect from the representatives of our company:
• knowledge of the company’s products and services;
• diligence and desire to work for the benefit of the company, the ability to think systematically, make decisions based on analytics and work for results;
• the ability to find a common language with people, communication skills, pleasant and competent speech;
• computer knowledge (Excel, Word), ability to work with CRM system;
• skills in preparing basic commercial documents (contracts, invoices, invoices, invoices, etc.);
• experience in building business processes;
• the ability to go on short business trips if necessary.

• website on the appropriate language, SEO, Google search, Google ads. That’s part we do on our own.
• establishing connections with main customers by phone, email, chat, exhibition, fairs etc. This is part of the work which is usually up to the client.
• all the consultations regarding the price or how to use the products presented immediately by our side. Upon request. So, you can provide the client needed information almost immediately after request.

Prices are very competitive. Due to the last comparative analysis our prices lower on the 25-30%. In average. Some of the products like air lifting bags or skimmers have even more margin in price

We have the warehouse in Lviv (on the western boarder of Ukraine, 25km from the border exactly).
So, the products can be supplied fast and efficient. Specifically in the emergency cases

There are several ways how to receive the benefits from the work with us.
A) We provide a good bonus from the sales to our representatives. Usually from 10%, depending on the way of cooperation
B) We provide good discounts to our dealers. As I said above the difference in our and local prices can reach 45%

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