PhD in BiologyBSEC Liquidation Specialist oil spills

Soloviev Valentin Ivanovich


At the head of “ECONAD”

Soloviev Valentin Ivanovich, BSEC (Organization of the Black Sea and Economic Cooperation) expert on oil spill response in the Black Sea, corresponding member of MANEB (International Academy of Sciences of Ecology, Human Security and Nature ).

Our mission

The development and implementation of environmental technologies for oil spill response will ensure effective oil spill response.


“ECONAD” is the only developer and manufacturer of a universal organic sorbent-biodestructor of oil hydrocarbons. – biological product “Econadin”


Also, ECONAD produces a wide range of products for oil spill response, information about which can be found in the “Products” section.

“”Econadine biotechnologies” used by “ECONAD” are superior to world analogues in terms of the degree of purification and simplicity of the technological process.

ECONAD employees are a team of professionals with many years of experience in the field of oil spill response, adhering to the main goal – to ensure effective environmental protection through “econadine biotechnologies”.