Restoration of sandy beaches after oil spills

Cleaning up the coastal strip

Restoration of sandy beaches after oil spills can be a very complex process because oil can have a very negative impact on the environment and ecosystems of sandy beaches. However, there are several ways in which restoration of sandy beaches after oil spills can be achieved:

  1. Booming is installed in the water opposite the polluted shoreline.
  2. The necessary amount of sorbent is manually or mechanically applied to the oil-contaminated areas of the beach. If it is impossible for vehicles to reach the area, the sorbent can be delivered under pressure through flexible hoses using cement trucks.
  3. After the sorbent is completely absorbed, which can be visually determined, the absorbed oil is washed into the sea using hydro monitors or tidal waves.
  4. Oil cleanup from the water is carried out using sludge pumps or manually using nets. The cleaning process is repeated until the contamination is removed.

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