Belt Skimmers

Belt Skimmers

Welcome to Econad, your trusted source for cutting-edge solutions in oil spill response and environmental cleanup. Our focus is on providing state-of-the-art equipment, particularly specializing in Oil Belt Skimmers and innovative belt-type oil skimming systems.
Our Oil Belt Skimmers are designed for optimal efficiency in managing oil spills. These belt-type oil skimming systems are at the forefront of technology, ensuring a swift and effective response to oil spills of varying scales.

BELT SKIMMERS — mechanical equipment for removing oil, grease and oil products from the surface of water, coolants, emulsions, washing solutions, wastewater.

The principle of operation of BELT SKIMERS for collecting oil products:
Oil, fat, oil products on the surface of the liquid stick to the outer surface of a special collector tape. This collector tape, together with oil, fat, oil products, is drawn into the oil trap. Oil feeders remove contaminants from the surface of the collector strip.
Explore our range of oil spill response equipment, including our renowned belt skimmers for oil spills. These devices are crafted to handle oil-contaminated water, offering an efficient and eco-friendly approach to environmental oil cleanup.

Discover the versatility of our belt oil skimmer for water treatment. Whether you’re dealing with industrial oil spill cleanup or addressing oil spills in ponds and lakes, our solutions are tailored to meet your specific needs.

At Econad, we take pride in offering comprehensive oil spill containment solutions. Our belt-type oil removal systems are equipped with advanced features, providing a thorough approach to oil spill remediation.
Equip yourself with the right tools for the job. Our skimmers for oil-contaminated water are essential in managing and controlling oil spills, ensuring a prompt and effective response.

Trust Econad for industrial oil spill cleanup, where our innovative oil belt skimmers come into play. Specifically designed for ponds and lakes, these skimmers provide an efficient and sustainable solution for oil spill containment.
Choose Econad for a cleaner and safer environment. Explore our range of Oil Belt Skimmers and related equipment today to experience the difference in oil spill response technology.

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