Oil Belt skimmers

Products Description

BELT SKIMERS — mechanical equipment for removing oil, grease and oil products from the surface of water, coolants, emulsions, washing solutions, wastewater.

The principle of operation of BELT SKIMERS for collecting oil products:
Oil, fat, oil products on the surface of the liquid stick to the outer surface of a special collector tape. This collector tape, together with oil, fat, oil products, is drawn into the oil trap. Oil feeders remove contaminants from the surface of the collector strip.

Belt skimmers used:
  • sewage tanks (settlers);
  • oil receiving wells;
  • separators;
  • circulating systems for washing parts and assemblies;
  • fat catchers of food production and enterprises total. nutrition;
  • industrial sedimentation tanks, sludge pits;
  • heat treatment equipment;
  • washers and washing parts;
  • to clean the coolant from free oil.

How it works.
Oil products that are on the liquid floor stick to the outer smooth surface of the oil belt. The collector tape together with oil products is drawn into the oil trap. Oil scrapers remove oil from the surface of the collector strip.

The benefits of using ECONAD SKM skimmers:
  • this is the most economical way to collect oil/fat/petroleum products from the water surface;
  • do not require any operating costs other than electricity (6 Wh);
  • these are powerful and reliable skimmers;
  • have high performance;
  • the ability to install anywhere and in different conditions.
Model SKM 3 SKM 6 SKM 10 SKM 20 SKM 50
Productivity, l./h. to 3 to 6 to 10 to 20 up to 50
Width of the tape, mm 50 70 120 120 ⌀18
Energy consumption, W 6 6 6 6 120-180
Food, V 230 230 230 230 230/1phase – 400/3phase
Sewage drainage pipe, mm ⌀25(outside), ⌀22(inside) ⌀25(outside), ⌀22(inside) ⌀25(outside), ⌀22(inside) ⌀25(outside), ⌀22(inside) ⌀25(outside), ⌀22(inside)
Maximum liquid temperature, ºC 90 90 90 90 -20/+90
Size of the skimmer body, mm 80x80x255 80x80x255 100x100x350 100x100x350 500x250x290
Weight, kg 2.6 2.8 3.8 4.8 to 10.5
(on/off) button is is is is is
Attachment “Easy mounting” using 2 bolts. Stand with a magnet (optional)
Special equipment timer (optional)

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