Oil tube skimmers

Products Description

PIPE SKIMERS — mechanical equipment for removing oil, grease and oil products from the surface of water, coolants, emulsions, washing solutions, wastewater.

Working principle of PIPE SKIMERS for collecting oil products:
Oil, grease, oil products, located on the surface of the liquid, stick to the outer surface of a special collector pipe. This collector pipe, together with oil, fat, oil products, is drawn into the oil trap. Oil takers remove contaminants from the surface of the collector pipe.

  • sewage tanks (settlers);
  • oil receiving wells;
  • separators;
  • circulating systems for washing parts and assemblies;
  • grease traps of food production and enterprises total. food;
  • industrial sedimentation tanks, sludge pits;
  • heat treatment equipment;
  • washers and washing parts;
  • cleaning coolant from free oil.
Model. XENA SKM 500 XENA SKM 240 XENA SKM 50
Productivity, l/h. up to 500 up to 240 up to 50
Collector tube, mm ⌀21.5 ⌀21.5 ⌀18
Power consumption, W 180 180 120-180
Power supply, V 230/1-phase – 400/3-phase 230/1-phase – 400/3-phase 230/1-phase – 400/3-phase
Drainage pipe, mm ⌀63 ⌀63 ⌀25 (outside), ⌀22 (inside)
Operating temperature, ºC -20/+90 -20/+90 -20/+90
Size of the skimmer body, mm 500x250x290 500x250x290 500x250x290
Weight, kg up to 16.5 up to 16.5 up to 10.5
Button (on/off) is is is
Fasteners “Easy mounting” with 2 bolts. Rack with magnet (optional)
Special equipment timer (optional)

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