What is a tube-type oil trump skimmer?

What is a tube-type oil trump skimmer?

Tube oil skimmers are designed to ensure consistent, smooth operation regardless of application. And when it comes to performance, skimmers consistently outperform any other type of skimmer.

Tube oil separators work on a simple concept: they continuously remove oil from the surface of the water, using a closed-loop collection tube that floats on the surface of the water, attracting the floating oil or grease.
Tube skimmer use a continuous loop of tubing that is immersed in the liquid, attracts oil through its oleophilic (oil-loving) surface, and carries it away for collection.


  • High efficiency: floating oil skimmers can remove oil quickly, ideal for large tanks.
  • Versatility: works well with oils of various types and viscosities.
  • Minimum space requirements: no bulky components protrude into the tank.

If you need access to the coolant reservoir from the side, tube skimmers are your best bet. These tube skimmers are designed to be compact. This makes them ideal for small sumps. It also allows the skimmer to operate in shallow sumps with low liquid levels.

Floating tube skimmers are a practical solution because they are:

  1. Flexible and versatile. Skimmers are capable of removing oils, grease and floating sediment from a variety of containment systems and can be adapted to any number of applications. They can range from small indoor tanks and sumps to large outdoor pools and ponds.
  2. Easy to install. Oil collector provide ready-made mounting systems that ensure easy and economical installation.
  3. Low costs. Due to their simple design and robust construction, tubular skimmers are not prone to the clogging and maintenance problems of other types of systems.
  4. Liquid working parts. Parts are away from the water and out of the water for safe and easy access.
  5. Committed to quality. Skimmers are made of highly wear-resistant ceramic and high-strength steel and bronze. Quality parts mean fewer support calls, less downtime and less maintenance costs.
  6. Less expensive to use. Skimmers can be left unattended and run 24 hours a day, seven days a week. No operators or additional labor is required to maintain the tubular skimmer. Effective. The header collects oil, not water, which means your tanks are filled with oil, not water.

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