Cleaning agents

Products Description

Group of detergents UNIVERSAL.
Universal cleaners are universal concentrated stain removers for oil and grease.

Cleaning products are for:
  • for cleaning rolling stock on the railway, assemblies, assemblies, etc.;
  • for washing tanks, reservoirs and other types of storage for petroleum products and other hydrocarbons, as well as oils of vegetable origin;
  • for washing floors, equipment, containers, containers, devices and mechanisms that do not have direct contact with food;
  • for washing filtering equipment from hydrocarbons;
  • for washing off oil contaminants from asphalt concrete pavements;
  • for washing main or local liquid hydrocarbon transportation systems;
  • for washing boats, booms, oil-gathering equipment, including components, assemblies, tanks, reservoirs, etc.;
  • for cleaning surfaces, walls, ceramic tiles in everyday life, trade and consumer services.

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