Products Description

Fully enclosed buoyancy scuba lift bag!

Features and Benefits:
  • Totally enclosed cylindrical structure
  • Custom sizes and types available
  • Compact folding for easy transport and storage
  • High relief flow valves can open at high pressure
  • Kits with all accessories, tape, flaps, belts
  • Made of PVC coated UV resistant fabric
  • Full assembly tested and validated with a 5:1 safety factor

It is used for buoyancy, sea rescue and land clearing in shallow water. It is ideal buoyancy for laying pipelines from the surface to any water depth.
We can also use enclosed lifting blocks as bridge support/rescue pontoons, floating platforms, dock gates, wrecks and military vehicles.

The underwater lifting pads are fully enclosed. Buyansi. Airbags offer an effective method of preventing worms from ships and floating underwater structures. Then also provide an ideal buoyancy system for cable or pipeline and static buoyancy resistance.

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