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Products Description

Coils (or another name “views”) are designed to optimize space during storage, transportation and ease of installation and removal of booms.
Execution with electric drive and without drive.
The boom reel consists of a frame, a drum and a drive.
Installed on ships, boats and coastal structuresSPE “EKONAD” supplies various modifications of reels for booms.

Electrically driven reel (views) used for:
  • for compact storage and transportation of booms;
  • installation and removal of booms;
  • prompt deployment of booms, which speeds up the process of containment of oil and oil product spills;
Advantages of electrically driven coils:
  • space optimization during the storage and operation of booms.
  • Convenience of unwinding and winding booms.
  • can be used both in the field and in places where equipment and materials are stored.

Buying coils (views) for booms from us, you get high-quality equipment for optimizing space during the storage and operation of booms, we have various equipment on our website that will help get rid of oil pollution.

Strength, m 200 (booms)
Reason Electric
Material Steel, painted with anti-corrosion paint.

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