Skimmer SmartBin for catching debris

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How SMARTBIN works
The SmartBin is connected by hoses to a high capacity motor pump that sucks water into the SmartBin and pumps it back into the pool. Garbage (coal/grain dust, oil film), which are sucked together with water into the SmartBin container, remain in a special filter collector, which is replaced as it is full.

Collected waste such as plastic bottles, bags, etc. can be sent for recycling and reuse.

SmartBin is based on threshold skimmer technology:
  • SmartBin can collect from 5 to 20kg of garbage (depending on the type and shape)
  • Powered by 220 V
  • The collected garbage can be recycled.
  • The kit includes a motor pump for pumping water.
Benefits of using SMARTBIN:
  • High bandwidth
  • Reliability
  • Easy to use

In SmartBin, it is installed near the berthing facilities in “problem” places where debris floating on the water accumulates. Also, certain modifications of SmartBin

“SmartBin” is designed to clean the surface of the water from debris apply:
  • In marine areas;
  • In the backwaters;
  • In swimming pools;
  • In yacht clubs;
  • The territories of grain and coal terminals.

SmartBin+, in addition to garbage, also collects coal and grain dust and iridescent oil slick from the surface of the water area. In this case, special dust filters are also supplied in SmartBin. Our device makes ports and the environment cleaner and more attractive, and gives the harbor a greater “Environmental Hope”.

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