Spring skimmer “Le GrandBras”

Products Description

Le GrandBras is highly efficient and economical a tool fast response to local oil spills in coastal areas, lakes, and ports. It innovative equipment designed to provide maximum efficiency and economy resources during liquidation emergency situations.

Le GrandBras capable collect both heavy and light oils with extraordinary efficiency By using Le GrandBras you can collect even diesel fuel from water surface using any watercraft It allows quickly and safely eliminate consequences of the spill, keeping ecological balance and protecting water resources.

Strong aluminum portable construction Le GrandBras equipped with a wheel at the end that makes the process collection oil products with walls berths and sides of ships still simpler and more effective. Thanks to this Le GrandBras is indispensable a tool for ports, sea and river transportation, as well as for environmental services and companies that are engaged in liquidation spills oil.

Basic equipment:

Biosorbent “Econadine” 20l
Sorbent mini-bone (dia.72mm, length 1000mm) 3pc.
Sorbent mat (400mm X 500mm) 4pc.
Absorbent wipes (400mm X 500mm X 2mm) 20pcs.
Waste bags 1up.
Gloves 1 pair
Instruction 1 pc.

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