Vacuum unit ECONAD VAC 1

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Vacuum unit Econad VAC1 is designed for mechanization of work on the vacuum collection of oil (petroleum products) spilled on the soil on a solid and water surface, as well as for cleaning oil tanks, settling tanks, reservoirs, pits, evaporators.

Principle of operation:
The mechanism of operation is quite simple: the device is equipped with a capacity of 75-600 liters, which has a special nozzle for collecting spilled oil (petroleum products). The nozzle is brought to the surface requiring cleaning, after which the vacuum pump is turned on, powered by a gasoline or diesel internal combustion engine. A negative pressure of 0.5 atmosphere is created in the tank, under the influence of which oil enters the cylinder. When the cylinder is full, the device switches to the unloading mode, while positive pressure can be created in the tank or oil flows out by gravity through the hose connected to the tank.

Technical specifications Vacuum unit ECONAD VAC 1
Capacity max, up to 20
Equipment Power unit (engine/pneumocompressor or diesel generator
Pump transporting collected oil products with drive from the engine
Hose for pumping oil products (not less than 10 m)
Collection tank and removable nozzles
Valve excluding vacuum when filling tanks.
Gross weight, kg Up to 200
Capacity of one load, l 300
The occasion Hydraulic/electric
Power Up to 9 kW
Voltage 380V,3 phases
Pump type self-priming
Suction column height, m 5
Hose diameter, k ¢2
Overall dimensions 2.5 м3
Year of manufacture 2019

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