Disc skimmer “XENA“

Products Description

The XENA disc skimmer is a floating device for collecting oil and oil products of various viscosities from the water surface. It is possible to collect both petroleum products and organic oils.

The performance of the skimmer can be adjusted depending on the situation and tasks.
It can work both in the port water area and in the coastal zone.

Oil products adhere to the outer surface of the rotating drum or discs, which are constructed of PVC material, aluminum or steel. The discs rotate thanks to a hydraulic (or electric) motor.
The oil products are then mechanically removed using scrapers. From the oil sump, the collected contaminants are pumped out by a pump located on the shore or on the ship. The kit may include an arrow with barrage booms.

Type XENA 5 XENA 15 XENA 20 XENA 30 XENA 60
Productivity, m3 1-5 10-15 15-20 20-30 30-60
Dimensions, l/w/h, mm 770x750x350 845x673x420 1100x1100x550 1325x1100x570 1650x1650x700
Weight, kg 53 72.5 85 100 125
Draft, mm 105 110 110 120 120
Sleeve diameter ⌀2 ⌀2 ⌀3 ⌀3 ⌀3

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