Skimmer “Delta”

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ECONAD’s Delta Skimmer for pumping out oil and oil products in shallow water and on the river is a durable and lightweight unit that is ideal for areas where larger skimmers are not possible or effective.

This shallow water oil and petroleum product skimmer consists of a free-floating pumping float that can remove up to 30 tons per hour, depending on pump/oil product type and viscosity.

The Delta skimmer floating module is suitable for any aspiration pump or vacuum unit. It is easy to operate and simple to use and can work in hard to reach areas such as under bridges or around marinas.

The skimmer module can operate at depths from 7 cm, making it ideal for cleaning rivers, lakes and other bodies of water with shallow depths. The lightweight design makes the shallow water pump-out oil skimmer particularly useful for cleaning beaches, rivers and other coastal areas, as well as in ports, harbors and other water bodies.

The set includes:
  • a floating platform to collect oil products from the water surface,
  • a pump to pump it out,
  • a system of hoses for pumping out oil products (up to 10 meters),
  • coarse separator with SKM3 belt oil/oil skimmer,
  • a system of buoys to maintain buoyancy,
  • automatic control panel.

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