Biosorbent booms

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Sorption booms “Econad” with biodestructive activity are separate sections filled with hydrophobic and oliophilic biosorbent “Econadin”.

are intended for:
  • treatment of oily wastewater
  • in treatment facilities at the initial stage of treatment (for example, in oil-contaminated water reservoirs);
  • treatment of oil-contaminated wastewater in wastewater treatment plants at the final stage of st treatment (for example, in settling tanks and collectors);
  • containment and collection of oil pollution in shallow waters;
  • protection of the coastline from oil pollution;
  • Fencing oil-contaminated areas on land during remediation work.
Ingredients: biosorbent “Econadin” / polypropylene fibers
Absorbents: oil, oil products, coolants, solvents
Color: black, white
Diameter 125mm 125 mm
Length 1000-2000 mm 3000 mm
Sorption container 1pc 6,5l 14l
Weight 1pc 0.2 kg 0.8 kg
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