Boom barriers for water construction works

Products Description

Silt curtain barriers are a vertical, flexible curtain that extends in whole or in part from the surface of the water to the very bottom.
Curtains are used to reduce turbidity of the water area when the dam is injected

The curtain consists of the curtain itself, a curtain (curtain), a heavy chain and a float, which is located on the surface of the water. Booms are used as floats. The length of 1 curtain is 20 meters and every 19.5 meters the curtain is securely attached to the bottom with anchors and anchor cables.

The curtains are attached to each other using special brackets.
The curtain is made of durable polypropylene fiber. due to the structure of the material, water easily passes through the fiber, while bottom sediments are retained on the surface.

During operation, the curtains can be rearranged, divers do it, and the anchors are installed using a floating crane (lifting capacity – 16 t).

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