Debris booms

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Booms are equipment for localization, movement and collection of oil products in case of emergency oil spills. ECONAD supplies various modifications of booms. Booms can be bought at ECONAD at any time.

ECONAD booms are used for:
  • limiting the spread of pollution on the water surface;
  • containment, movement and collection of oil in the event of an oil spill;
  • Fencing off the area contaminated with oil products during cleanup.
Benefits of booms:
  • The boom is made of a special material that is highly resistant to oil, oil products, acids and alkalis.
  • The design of the joints ensures the rapid deployment of booms and maximum resistance to wind and wave loading. Buying barrage booms from us, you get high-quality equipment for water treatment, we have various equipment on our website that will help get rid of oil pollution.
Barrier boom height: from 75cm
Thickness of oil and petrol resistant rubber base: from 4mm
Floats: cylindrical shape 30 cm in diameter and 70 cm in length
Balast: galvanized chain, gauge 10
Mount: metal universal mounts (AMG5)

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