The «ECONAD» company develops and implements environmental technologies aimed at protecting the natural environment from oil pollution.

Production of ecological products:

  • sorbents for collecting oil, oil sorbent “Econadin”, sorbent for oil products and chemicals;
  • booms, barrier booms;
  • sorbent booms, napkins and mats for collecting oil, materials for collecting oil products and chemicals;
  • oil products skimmer;
  • ecological first-aid kits “ECONAD”;
  • tanks for storage of oil products;
  • sea buoys for water areas and coastal zones.

"ECONAD" provides the following services:

  1. Elimination of emergency oil spills.
  2. Carrying out work on cleaning up production areas (working areas) from the consequences of oil pollution.
  3. Carrying out work to clean up oil-contaminated lands.
  4. Works on the treatment of oily wastewater.
  5. Development of regulatory documentation for OSR (oil spill response) and ERP (emergency response planning).

The most important development of our company is oil absorbent “ECONADIN”

Oil Absorbent “ECONADIN” – the new generation biological absorbent which is based on upper sphagnum peat and avirulent oil oxidizing bacteria. “ECONADIN” exhibits absorption and destructive activity towards hydrocarbons and other bio-resistant pollutants.
No recycling required!

“Eсonadin” absorbs: oil and oil products, organic and mineral oils, chemically hazardous substances and other aggressive contaminants.

Advantages of biosorbent “Econadin”:

  • the elimination of contaminants without environmental damage;
  • blockage of oil pollution in the shortest possible time – localization of oil spills and prevent further spread of oil;
  • providing further restoration of the natural balance and stimulate the natural self-cleaning process

Use area:

  • marine economic sector;
  • oil and gas industry;
  • chemical industr;
  • industrial plants and factories;
  • aviation companies;
  • railway companies;
  • transport companies, filling stations;
  • other facilities where petroleum products are used.