Nowadays, the development of «ECONAD» received worldwide level of recognition, as evidenced by the fact that at the World Exhibition EXPO in Japan`s environmental technologies our company has been nominated in the competition “100 best global environmental technology to create suitable living conditions in the future”.

Also, quite recently, our specialists have developed new products that can help in oil spill response. For example:

  1. Special barrage inflatable booms «Econad RB5» are designed to localize the site of an oily water spill. Made of durable and high-quality materials, booms perfectly retain oil and other petroleum products, and also do not lend themselves to the harmful effects of ultraviolet radiation.
  2. Floating trash collection device «SmartBin». The SmartBin is connected by hoses to a high capacity motor pump that sucks water into the SmartBin and pumps it back into the pool. Garbage (coal/grain dust, oil film), which are sucked together with water into the SmartBin tank, remain in a special filter collector, which is replaced as it is filled.
  3. «Meduza» – a barrier defense network. The benefits of the Meduza network have been recognized in various fields, but primarily in fishing and in the protection of the beach line. Since recently, problems with the invasion of jellyfish on the coast have become more common, devices that can protect the population from these unpleasant encounters have become very much in demand.

Today our company is actively developing and operating in the international market. We cooperate with companies from many countries and at that moment we are working on opening another office in Romania to be even closer to our European partners and customers.