Entering the Polish Market

Entering the Polish Market

Recently, our company ECONAD (www.econadin.com) was introduced to the Polish market through the “Дія” (Action) program with the support of eepo.ukraine (Office for Entrepreneurship and Export Development). This program is part of a pilot project aimed at supporting the export activities of Ukrainian businesses and promoting their international trade.

ECONAD is a Ukrainian company specializing in the production and supply of products for oil spill cleanup (absorbents, barriers, skimmers, sorbent materials, and more). Thanks to the high quality of its products and innovative solutions, ECONAD has already established itself in the domestic market of Ukraine. However, the company decided to expand its operations and venture into foreign markets, including Poland.

Thanks to the “Дія” program, ECONAD received export support, which was a significant step towards entering the Polish market. This support includes financial assistance, consultations, and other tools that facilitate the company’s business expansion abroad.

Poland, as a neighboring country and a member of the European Union, is an attractive market for our company. Due to its geographical proximity and economic stability, Poland offers significant opportunities for trade and economic cooperation. ECONAD has leveraged these advantages and established strategic partnerships with Polish counterparts.

The Polish market offers broad opportunities for expanding the distribution of ECONAD’s products.

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