Oil refining products

Oil refining products

Crude oil is practically not used. It is cleaned and recycled. There is primary and secondary oil refining.

Initial oil refining is distillation, as a result of which oil products are divided into components:
  • liquefied gas;
  • gasolines (automobile and aviation);
  • jet fuel;
  • kerosene;
  • diesel fuel (solar oil);
  • fuel oil.

The first five types of petroleum products are fuel. And fuel oil is processed to obtain:

  • paraffin;
  • bitumen;
  • liquid fuel oil;
  • oils

When bitumen is mixed with mineral substances, asphalt (asphalt concrete) is produced, which is used as a road surface.
A wide range of lubricants is produced from petroleum: grease, electrical insulating oil, hydraulic oil, grease, cutting fluid, liquid, petroleum jelly. Oils obtained from oil are used to prepare ointments and creams.
The concentrate left after the distillation of oil is called tar. It goes to road and building surfaces. Recycling of oil includes changing the structure of its components – hydrocarbons.

She gives the raw material from which they are made:
  • synthetic rubbers and rubbers;
  • synthetic fabrics;
  • plastics;
  • polymer films (polyethylene, polypropylene);
  • detergents;
  • solvents, paints and varnishes, dyes;
  • fertilizers;
  • toxic chemicals;
  • wax

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