How are they looking for oil?

How are they looking for oil?

The first stage is called joking. First I joke about promising areas – pasta. For this majestic territory, they are furnished with ultra-modern methods: they are photographed from space, “shine through” with seismic winds, and are heard with special devices.

Fahіvtsі fold up maps and paint geological cuts of the earth’s crust, on which one can see vigini layers near the surface. If it seems to be similar to a potential pasta in carbohydrates under the ground, then another stage of work is opened – the discovery of a genus.

At the first stage, it is carried out at the great obsyaz of geological and geophysical research; drilled support, parametric and poshukovsky Sverdloviny.

At the other stage, drilling the rozvіduvalnі sverdlovinі that for the help of drilling z’yasovyut, є naphta chi gas at the depth, and є є, then skilki. And only after that, how to establish the growth of the genus and to prove that it is more cost-effective to grow it, proceed to the growth.

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