How oil is produced

How oil is produced

Perhaps, when many of us hear about oil production, they remember the harsh Bruce Willis and Ben Affleck from the movie Armageddon. However, those years have already passed when brutal men, stained with oil, almost manually pumped “black gold” from the well.‍🔧💪 Modern wells are powerful pumps that on the surface look like a row of metal pipes with valves and sensors. However, oil production itself takes place with the help of special drilling rigs that drill the earth to a depth of about a kilometer.

It takes about 30 days to drill 1 well. Moreover, wells are not only vertical, but also horizontal, it is much easier to extract oil from frozen ground from them.
In many fields, the cluster drilling method is used, in which the wellheads are located on the same site. First of all, this allows for efficient production, and also reduces the time for arranging the site itself.

Often, oil deposits are located under the bottom of the oceans and seas, and then well drilling occurs with the help of special floating drilling rigs, which, after the devastation of some deposits, can be moved to others.

However, during the extraction of “black gold” various collapses can occur, which lead to oil spills and environmental pollution. It is the company “Econad” that always comes to the rescue and provides the best devices and technologies for sorbing oil products and cleaning the territory!

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