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Econad Group LLC develops and supplies various types of skimmers – oil separators and vacuum units for collecting oil products.

Vacuum unit Econad is designed for mechanization of work on the vacuum collection of oil (petroleum products) spilled on the soil on a solid and water surface, as well as for cleaning oil tanks, settling tanks, reservoirs, pits, evaporators.

Vacuum unit Econad

Principle of operation:
The mechanism of operation is quite simple: the device is equipped with a capacity of 75-600 liters, which has a special nozzle for collecting spilled oil (petroleum products). The nozzle is brought to the surface requiring cleaning, after which the vacuum pump is turned on, powered by a gasoline or diesel internal combustion engine. A negative pressure of 0.5 atmosphere is created in the tank, under the influence of which oil enters the cylinder. When the cylinder is full, the device switches to the unloading mode, while positive pressure can be created in the tank or oil flows out by gravity through the hose connected to the tank.

The Minibagger is a highly efficient, cost-effective rapid response tool for localized oil spills in coastal areas, lakes and ports.

Mounted skimmer

SeaHow’s patented invention, the Minibagger Comb Brush, picks up both heavy and light oils extremely efficiently. With the Minibagger, you can even collect diesel fuel from the water surface using any watercraft.
The robust aluminum outrigger is equipped with a wheel at the end for easier and more efficient collection of oil products from the walls of berths and sides of ships.

The OILX drum skimmer is a floating device for collecting oil and oil products of varying viscosity from the water surface.

drum skimmer

Principle of operation:
With the help of rotating drums, oil products are collected from the surface of the water by sticking to the surface of the drum and discharged into a container tightly attached to the skimmer.

When creating the skimmer MODEL OILX, special aluminum alloys are used in the design, resistant to the aggressive marine environment. Replaceable cartridges allow you to work effectively with various types of oil products and with virtually any thickness of oil contamination. As a drive for skimmers MODEL OILX, a hydraulic station from an internal combustion engine is used.

Threshold skimmers of the AQUA model are floating devices designed to collect oil and oil products of varying degrees of viscosity from the surface of port water areas, calm rivers, floodplains, artificial reservoirs, swamps.
Threshold skimmer

AQUA skimmers can be installed with booms during OSR operations. Also intended for stationary use in sedimentation tanks, tanks.

A pump driven by a hydraulic station with a continuously adjustable hydraulic flow allows you to adjust the thickness of the pumped oil film layer. The performance of AQUA skimmers depends on the performance (power) of the pumped out device.

The XENA disc skimmer is a floating device for collecting oil and oil products of various viscosities from the water surface. It is possible to collect both petroleum products and organic oils.

Disc skimmer

The performance of the skimmer can be adjusted depending on the situation and tasks.
It can work both in the port water area and in the coastal zone.

Oil products adhere to the outer surface of the rotating drum or discs, which are constructed of PVC material, aluminum or steel. The discs rotate thanks to a hydraulic (or electric) motor.
The oil products are then mechanically removed using scrapers. From the oil sump, the collected contaminants are pumped out by a pump located on the shore or on the ship. The kit may include an arrow with barrage booms.

Technical specifications Vacuum unit ECONAD VAC 1
Capacity max, up to 20
Equipment Power unit (engine/pneumocompressor or diesel generator
Pump transporting collected oil products with drive from the engine
Hose for pumping oil products (not less than 10 m)
Collection tank and removable nozzles
Valve excluding vacuum when filling tanks.
Gross weight, kg Up to 200
Capacity of one load, l 300
The occasion Hydraulic/electric
Power Up to 9 kW
Voltage 380V,3 phases
Pump type self-priming
Suction column height, m 5
Hose diameter, k ¢2
Overall dimensions 2.5 м3
Year of manufacture 2019
Type XENA 5 XENA 15 XENA 20 XENA 30 XENA 60
Productivity, m3 1-5 10-15 15-20 20-30 30-60
Dimensions, l/w/h, mm 770x750x350 845x673x420 1100x1100x550 1325x1100x570 1650x1650x700
Weight, kg 53 72.5 85 100 125
Draft, mm 105 110 110 120 120
Sleeve diameter ⌀2 ⌀2 ⌀3 ⌀3 ⌀3
Type AQUA 10 AQUA 20 AQUA 30
Capacity, m3 1-10 10-20 20-30
Dimensions, d/w/n,mm 770x750x350 985x1080x530 1125x1100x570
Weight, kg 15,5 20,5 22
Draft, mm 310 310 320
Free water capture, % <5 <5 <5
Hydraulic pressure, bar 60-100 60-100 60-100
Power, kW 0,3 0,3 0,3
Sleeve diameter ⌀38 ⌀50 ⌀76

Basic equipment:

Biosorbent “Econadine” 20л
Sorbent mini-bone (dia.72mm, length 1000mm) 3pc.
Sorbent mat (400mm X 500mm) 4pc.
Absorbent wipes (400mm X 500mm X 2mm) 20pcs.
Waste bags 1up.
Gloves 1 pair
Instruction 1 pc.


Length 2.3m
Width 2.0m
Height 1.1m
Power 500W

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