Marine Oil Spill Kit

Products Description

“Ecological First Aid Kit” is a lightweight, compact and mobile set of tools needed for quick and high-quality collection of spilled oil products.

“Environmental First Aid Kits” are intended for:
  • for the elimination of technological, emergency spills and leaks of oil products;
  • for quickly collecting the flow of oils, oil and oil products from the surface of the soil, asphalt, concrete floor;
  • to prevent oil products from entering storm drains.
Fields of application of “Ecological First Aid Kits”:
Scope: sea vessels, oil terminals, port infrastructure facilities.
Absorbents: oil, oils, cutting fluids, solvents, petroleum products.
Absorbent container: 55 liters (~1/2 BARREL) of petroleum products.
Size: 57x39x35cm
Basic equipment:
Biosorbent “Econadin” 15l
Sorbent mini-boom (dia.72mm, max.1000mm) 3pcs
Sorbent pad (200mm x 350mm) 2pcs
Sorbent pad(400mm x 500mm) 1pc
Absorbent pads (400mm x 500mm x 2mm) 15pcs
Waste bags 1 pack
Protective oil resistant gloves 1 pair
Instructions for use 1pc
Storage container 1 piece

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