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Don’t know how to support slurry pipeline pipes on water? Or do you just want floating carriers that are easy to use? Then floats for slurry pipelines are what you need!

What is a float for slurry pipelines?
As you know, a slurry pipeline is a pipeline used to transport pulp from a dredger or other hydraulic equipment to a discharge point. The floating slurry pipeline is designed to connect the operating dredger to the onshore slurry pipeline. It allows for working maneuvering, serves as a supporting structure for fastening power and control cables, moving personnel to the dredger or to the shore.

Indispensable floats!
The installation of floating slurry pipelines is carried out on special floats, the number of which depends on the length of the slurry pipelines!
What are floats used for?

We produce polyethylene floats:
  • to support the pipe of the slurry pipeline on the water;
  • to use our floats as floating carriers for any purpose.

Versatility and durability!
The body of the float is made of medium density polyethylene, inside the float is filled with a high-strength polyurethane foam backing. Floats for slurry pipelines from EcoNad will be an ideal replacement for traditional steel floats.

The floating body of the float is durable, equipped with shock and wave resistance. The floats are easy to install and operate, light in weight and reasonably priced.

Working temperature from -40°C to +60°C, they are also resistant to UV radiation, which is a must when installing floats on water!

Scope of application:
  1. Slurry line floats are used in dredging sand pipelines;
  2. They can be used in the sea, lake or river;
  3. Convenient for use when laying pipes on water.

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