Tanks for petroleum products

Products Description

The tank is a prefabricated frame made of steel parts, inside which a sealed rod made of durable polymer fabric is installed. Installation is carried out in a short time without the use of tools. Additionally, the structure can be reinforced with walls made of moisture-resistant plywood 6 mm thick, placed in a protective shell of polyethylene foam. The shell is made of PVC coated synthetic material.

The main purpose of the structure is temporary storage of oil products collected from the water surface after containment and collection of oil products in case of emergency oil spills.

SPE “ECONAD” supplies various modifications of reservoirs for collecting oil products.

Characteristic Tank volume – 3m3 Tank volume – 30m3 Step-ladder
Stability of the structure The construction is made of 6 mm moisture resistant plywood, which is placed in a protective shell of polyethylene foam.
Frame Made of steel sections
Outer shell Made of material with a synthetic backing and double sided PVC coating. The material is resistant to oil and oil products, sea water and ultraviolet radiation. An underlying surface can be provided, covered with a protective flooring made of polyethylene and provided with a covering canopy.
Structure seams High frequency welding (HDTV method)
Color Yellow, orange.
Ambient temperature Storage and operation of the container from -30°С to +60°С.
Overall dimensions of the tank in working condition, m. 2.25×2.25×1.0 C D=6.6 H=1
Overall dimensions in transport condition, m3 0.3 2.2×0.8×1.1
Weight of container in transport condition, kg 41 550
Tissue density At least 900 g/m2
Pologov Polymer fabric material
Ponton extruded polyethylene foam
Additional equipment, ladder 1 piece

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