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Water weight

Water bag for testing cranes load.

The water bag is a structure for measuring load capacity of cranes and ladders.

Water bag for testing includes loading crane slings 60 mm. the top and bottom is closed in the brackets, and the ring is closed on nagel. Made from PVC fabric.

The number of straps varies depending on the model.

Mounted on vessels.

CIE «ECONAD» various modifications of the water bags for load testing of cranes.

1 2
 Tipe WB 1T WB 2T WB 3T
Diameter, m 1 1.2 2
Height, m 1 2.5 3.5
Tissue density, grms./m2 900
Number of slings 4 6 8
Morе>> Morе>>
3 4

Benefits of water bags for testing cranes load:

– high density fabric 900 grms./m2 guarantees longevity of the bag without tearing and damage.
– easy assembly design.
Buying water bags for load testing of cranes from us, you get a high quality design for measuring load capacity of cranes and ladders, our website presents a variety of equipment, which will help to fight against oil spills.

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