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Absorbent Socks

Absorbent Socks”Econad” are made of a special fabric in the form of a flexible hose different lengths, filled polypropylene fibers / synthetic / biosorbents material, which guarantees its high sorption capacity.

Absorbent Socks are used for localization and sorption of oil and various chemicals on any solid surface and water.
Sorbent socks “Ekonad” designed to:
– The protection of waters ports, shipyards, oil terminals, piers and rivers;
– The protection of the coastline and coastal areas from oil pollution;
– Protection of under the pier spaces;
– Localization and gathering of oil spills in the case of focal;
– Localization and gathering of oil in shallow water;
– Maintaining the purity of the water environment in areas of probable occurrence of oil slicks.


Tipes of sorbent socks

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