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Containment fence boom

SIE “ECONAD” develops and sell various modifications of Oil Containment Booms for effective localization and liquidation of oil spills and other pollutants in the seas, port areas, reservoirs, basins, rivers.

The Fence Boom is a convenient, economical facility for simple and effective spill containment. The Fence Boom provides excellent performance and durability, can be widely used on harbors, rivers, inshore and other place for oil spillage.

Variants of Fence Booms «ECONAD»:

 Product type OFB 350 OFB 450 OFB 600 OFB 750
 Overall Height (mm) 350  450 600  750
 Freebord (mm)  120  150  200  250
 Draft (mm)  230  300  400  500
 Section Length (m) 10, 20
 Tensile Strength (kn) 15 20  25 30
 Ballast Chain  block or chain
 Weight  2,5 3 3,5 4
 Storage Dimension (60m) 2.8×1.7×0.6 2.8×1.7×0.7  2.8×1.7×0.8 2.8×1.7×0.9
– This boom with stiffened orange PVC coated fabric, which is oil resistant, salt water resistant and UV resistant.
– The boom with convenient fold points for minimal storage volume. Storage options pallets, containers or boom reels.
– These booms have strength structure to maintain freeboard and draft.
– Oil fence boom is easy to deploy and recovery.

Note: This information is provided for reference, we reserve the rights to modify in transaction.