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25 years of perfection


Through 25 years we have been constantly developing
our technologies for environmental protection

Sorbent Wipes

Sorbent Wipes designed for wiping / cleaning equipment surfaces from spilled technical and synthetic oils, petroleum products and other corrosive contaminants.

belie-i-serie-salfetki Соmposition: 100% polypropilen
Аbsorbate:  mineral oil, petroleum, cutting fluids, solvents
Perforation: has
Color: white, gray
Recycling: 50%
Packaging:  200 pcs.


Size 400х500х2mm 400х500х3mm
Sorbing capacity (200 pcs.) 144 l 216 l
Weight (200 pcs.) 8 kg 14 kg
Information: +38(048)722-16-58 e-mail: contact@econadin.com