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25 years of perfection


Through 25 years we have been constantly developing
our technologies for environmental protection

Sorbent mats

Sorbent mat – effective absorbent material for oil products hit obstacles and aggressive pollutants into the environment.

podushki-sorb_14 Соmposition: polypropylene / polypropylene + synthetic material 
Absorbate: mineral oil, petroleum, cutting fluids, solvents
Color: white
Recycling: 50%
Packaging: 16 pcs.


Size  500х400х9 mm  400х500х25 mm  200х350х60 mm  350х450х100 mm  1000х800х50 mm
Sorbing capacity (100pcs.) 288 l 298 l 360 l 600 l 1000 l
Weight of 1 (one) mat 0,1 kg 0,15 kg 0,2 kg 0,6 kg 1,6 kg
Availability yes yes by order by order by order
Information: +38(048)722-16-58 e-mail: contact@econadin.com