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Bio-sorbent “ECONADIN”

“Econadin” (Hope for Ecology) is a new generation bacterial preparation based on avirulent oil-oxidizing bacteria. It combines powerful absorption with biodegradation of oil hydrocarbons.
“Econadin” is particularly suitable for sea and river ports, transport and shipping companies, oil production industry, oil emergency service, petroleum storage depots, petrol stations, airports, chemical industry, fire and armed forces, printing industry, car repair shops.

  Discover the advantages of “Econadin”:
“Econadin” preparation is based on bacterias which are superdestructors of oil hydrocarbons.
“Econadin” preparation is an oil binding water repellant absorment with microorganisms-destructors of oil hydrocarbons. Brown colour.
Using biotechnology bacteria are immobilized on peat, an organic substrate.
It is ecologically harmless, non-toxic, odorless.
The sorptive capacity lies in a range of 1:7 to 1:10 depending on the type of oil products and its modification. In contrast to other sorbents, desorption is negligible.
   The preparation is designated for:
• Rapid elimination of oil spills, oil products, gas condensates from the water surface (at ports and ship-repair plants, off shore, at rivers with slow and rapid currents, lakes, ponds, limans, especially in those sites where it is inaccessible for mechanical means to eliminate the pollution, in blind corners of wharfs and under them, marshes, wetlands etc.).
•  Cleaning the coastal strip polluted with oil products as a result of accidental spills on water, including recreational zones (on beaches).
• Elimination oil pollution in bottom sediments.
• Thorough cleaning of oily waste waters.
• Use in oil mining and oil processing for cleaning and detoxifying oil  and solid wastes of bores.
• Cleaning of oil polluted soils.
• Cleaning oil pollution from any surface (metal, concrete, asphalt coverings) during technological leaks on water, railroad and automobile transport.

“Econadin” was granted a number of patents in Ukraine and Russia. It has been approved by the Ministry of Health since 13.07.2000 No 5.04.03/2317 and recommended for use in emergency situations by the Ministry of Emergency Situations and the Ministry of Ecology and Natural Resources.
“Econadin” is prepared on a base of oil-destructing bacteria and serves different purposes such as cleaning the environment from ecologically harmful pollution (oil products, surfactants, pesticides etc.). It has a biologically positive influence on plants (bacteria stimulate plant growth), and besides that, improves the sanitary-hygienic indices of water and soil due to the antagonistic action on pathogenic and phytopathogenic microorganisms.

  The biotechnological method employing “Econadin” is used for elimination an oil spill after most of the spilt liquid have been collected by mechanical means. Use of such a method  for elimination of oil spills on water and soil permits to:
• Block the pollution on short notice and prevent its spreading;
• Eliminate pollution with minimum environmental damage;
• Provide for prolonging the activity in restoring natural biocoenoses by using and stimulating self-purifying mechanisms.

The principle of action:

  Primary sorption of oil hydrocarbons with “Econadin” is accompanied by biocatalytic transformation with following destruction of the oil pollution in the environment. Natural oil-oxidizing microflora of the environment is not inhibited, but it is activated. The mechanism of action of the preparation when cleaning the soil is performed not only by biochemical destruction of oil and oil products by highly active bacteria, but by activization of natural microbial biocenoses with metabolic products.
The presence of an organic carrier in the composition in the first stages of cleaning the soil forms an organogenic layer, which initiates and enhances the biochemical processes disrupted by oil pollution in the cycle of main biogenic elements (Carbon, Nitrogen, etc.). The presence of calcium allows for balancing acid-alkaline balance, which improves the physical-chemical state of soil and increases destructive activity of microorganisms for residual oil concentrations.

“Econadin” is produced by Scientific-Industrial Enterprise ECONAD. It is supplied in 5, 20, 40, 50 L polyethylene bags. Self life in aerated storage is up to 5 years.