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Сорбуючі рулони

Sorbent Rolls “Econad” -effective helpers in the liquidation of significant spills of petroleum products, corrosive liquids, industrial and synthetic oils on water and solid surfaces.

Соmposition: 100% polipropylen
Absorbate: petroleum and oil pruducts, cuttinf fluids, solvents
Perforations: does not have / every 50 сm
Color: white, gray
Recycling: 50%
Packaging: 1 roll


Size 40сm*60m*3mm 80сm*60m*3mm 40сm*30m*4mm
Sorbent capacity (1 roll) 162 l 324 l 144 l
Weight (1 roll) 6 кg 12 кg 6кg
Availiability have have by order

Information: +38(048)722-16-58  e-mail: contact@econadin.com

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