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are designed to collect, localize and move stains petroleum
products on hard and water surfaces


Professional Pipe Skimmers – special equipment for collect / remove oil, grease and mineral oil from the surface of the water, solvents, emulsions and washing solutions.



to 500 l. of oil/hour
   Collector pipe: Ø 30мм    Ø 21,5мм
Electricity consumption:
0,18 кWаtt
   Alimentation: Alternating current  230V /1 fase

Alternating current  400V /3 fase

Drenage pipe:
Ø 6,35cm
   Work temperature:   -20ºC / +90ºC
Skimmers dimentions:
500 х 250 х 290сm
   Weight:    tо 16,05 кg
 Assembly:   «Easy assembly» with screws M8.
Special equipment:
timer (optional)

 Information:+38(048)722-16-58  e-mail: contact@econadin.com

Рrinciple of operation:

Located on the surface of the liquid oil products adhere to the outer surface of a smooth pipe. Pipe together with oil drawn into the oil catchers, where oil is removed from the surface of the collector pipe.

The advantages of using Skimmers ECONAD SKM: 

– is the most economical way to collect fat / oil  from the water surface;
– does not require additional maintenance costs apart from electricity costs (0,18 kWatt / hr);
– they are powerful and reliable equipment;
– have high performance;
– they can be installed anywhere and in different conditions.

To view the photo report and video on the operation of  photo report and video of XENA 240.

А также  Video of skimmer ECONAD SKM 10.

“Brush head” for heavy oil collection can be added for some models


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Моb. +38(050)395-45-84

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