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are designed to collect, localize and move stains petroleum
products on hard and water surfaces


Professional Skimmers – special equipment for collect / remove oil, grease and mineral oil from the surface of the water, solvents, emulsions and washing solutions.

Рrinciple of operation:

Located on the surface of the liquid oil products adhere to the outer surface of a smooth pipe. Pipe together with oil drawn into the oil catchers, where oil is removed from the surface of the collector pipe.

The advantages of using Skimmers ECONAD SKM: 

– is the most economical way to collect fat / oil  from the water surface;
– does not require additional maintenance costs apart from electricity costs (0,18 kWatt / hr);
– they are powerful and reliable equipment;
– have high performance;
– they can be installed anywhere and in different conditions.


To view the photo report and video on the operation of  photo report and video of XENA 240.

Аnd  Video of skimmer ECONAD SKM 10



tо 240 L of oil/hour

Collecting pipe: Ø 30mm

Ø 21.5mm


0,18 KWatt


Alternating current 230V /400V

Drenage pipe

Ø 6,35сm

Work temperature

-20ºC / +90ºC

Skimmers dimentions

500 х 250 х 290 mm


tо 16,05 кg

Button (on./off.)



«Easy assembly» with screws M8.

Special equipment

Timer (оptional)

“Brush head” for heavy oil collection can be added for some models



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