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are designed to collect, localize and move stains petroleum products on hard and water surfaces

Marine skimmers

Types of marine skimmers

Ekonad Group Ltd. develops and supplies various types of skimmers – oil traps and vacuum oil collection plants.

The Econad vacuum system is intended for mechanization of works on vacuum collecting of oil (oil products) which has been spilled on soil, on solid and water surface, as well as for cleaning of oil tanks, settlers, tanks, ditches, evaporators.

Specifications ECONAD VAC Vacuum Installation 1
Productivity max, m3/h for 20
Options Unit (engine / air compressor or diesel generator
The pump that transports the collected oil products with the drive from the engine
Sleeve for pumping oil (at least 10 m)
Retaining capacity and removable nozzles
A valve that eliminates the vacuum when filling tanks.
Gross weight, kg for 200
One load capacity, l 300
Drive unit hydraulic/electric
Power for 9 кВт
Voltage 380V, 3 phase
Pump type Self-priming
Suction column height, m 5
Sleeve diameter, up to ¢2
Dimensions 2.5 м3

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