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are designed to collect, localize and move stains petroleum
products on hard and water surfaces

Skimmers, oil / fat collectors

Skimmers, oil collectors- special equipment for collect / remove oil, grease and mineral oil from the surface of the water, solvents, coolants, emulsions and washing solutions.

Рrinciple of operation:

Located on the surface of the liquid oil products adhere to the outer surface of a smooth belt. Belt together with oil drawn into the oil catchers, where oil is removed from the surface of the collector belt.

SIE «ECONAD» manufactures Skimmers for oil collection of different capacities.


Skimmers  for cleaning the surface of the oil- / grease  products and used:

in tanks (settlers) of wastewater;
wells-oil receivers;
in operating systems, washing of parts and components;
in grease and food production enterprises;
industrial landfill, sludge pits;
in equipment for heat treatment;
in washing machines and systems for washing parts;
to clean coolant from the free oil.

Collection of oil from the surface of the water with a skimmer for oil products collection for today is very popular, more and more search engine users are introduced into the column “skimmer buy Ukraine,” All this is because the unit is very simple to use, and is environmentally friendly. The skimmer can be bought in the SIE “Econad” in Ukraine, as well as oil products sorbents, booms and various sorbent materials.

Tipes of skimmers

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