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are designed to collect, localize and move stains petroleum
products on hard and water surfaces

Biosorbent Econadin

Biosorbent “Econadin” – oil sorbent Nomber 1!

The first and main product produced by EKONAD is a sorbent – biodestructor “Econadin” (abbreviated from the name “Ecological Hope”) – a new generation oil sorbent with sorption and destructive activity towards oil hydrocarbons.

Econadin” oil sorbent helps to eliminate oil spills and leaks of any volume of oil products on water, soil and hard surfaces.

Sorbent of oil “Econadin” is a unique natural absorbent of oil, which contains bacteria-destructors for bio-destructive effects on hydrocarbon-containing compounds.

All oil sorbents of the EKONAD company have the conclusions of the Sanitary and Epidemiological Service of Ukraine, are approved by the Ministry of Ecology and Environment of Ukraine, and are recommended for use by the State Ecological Inspectorate.

The “Econadin” biosorbent eliminates oil pollution much more efficiently than other sorbents of oil products.

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