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Oil spill kits

An “environmental first aid kit”, a spill response kit, is an easy, compact and mobile set of tools necessary for the quick and high-quality collection of spilled oil products.

“Environmental first-aid kits” are intended:

– for liquidation of technological, emergency spills and leaks of oil products;

– for quick collection of spilled oils, oil and oil products from the surface of the soil, asphalt, concrete floor;

– to prevent the ingress of petroleum products into storm sewers.

8) Belt TAPE

Belt SKIMMERS – mechanical equipment for removing oil, grease and oil products from the surface of water, coolant, emulsions, washing solutions, wastewater.

The principle of operation of TAPE SKIMMERS for the collection of petroleum products:

The oil, grease, oil products located on the surface of the liquid adhere to the outer surface of the special collector belt. This collector tape, together with oil, grease, oil products, is drawn into the oil trap. Oil scraper removes dirt from the surface of the manifold.

Belt SKIMMERS apply:

– in tanks (sumps) of wastewater;
– in wells, oil receivers;
– in separators;
– in reverse systems of washing parts and assemblies;
– in grease catchers of food production and enterprises commonly. nutrition;
– in industrial sumps, sludge pits;
– in equipment for heat treatment;
– in washing machines and installations for washing parts;- for cleaning coolant from free oil.

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