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are designed to collect, localize and move stains petroleum
products on hard and water surfaces


Anchor – a forged or cast construction designed for holding the buoy in the same place due to the interaction with the ground and associated with the object hold by the anchor chain or cable.
Weight -10 -15 kg.


SIE «ECONAD»  delivers various modifications of Anchors.

Spesifications  Denfort anchor
Description Has a maximum convergence of long swivel feet, stretched out along the spindle and is able to go into the ground to a depth of 3-4 times the length of its paws.
The length of the spindle, mm. 713
Swipe horns, mm. 306
Weight, кg 10 – 12
Drainage force to 50 кg for each kg of anchor
Material Steel, mark 3 (model AN3)  Galvanizing Steel (model AN2)
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Denfort anchor:

-Rodless anchor of increased holding power ;
-Made from steel and protected from corrosion by hot dip galvanizing;
-Recommended for use on soft ground (mud, sand, gravel).


 Anchors benefits:

It has a simple structure, which ensures its reliable operation in harsh environments.
– endowed with an elevated drainage force.

-elongated rod is located at the bottom and serves as a stabilizer, which does not allow the anchor to tip over on its side.

Buying anchor from us, you get a high-quality equipment, our website presents a variety of equipment, which will help in oil spills response.


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