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are designed to collect, localize and move stains petroleum
products on hard and water surfaces

Dutrion Tablets

Dutrion Chlorine Dioxide Disinfectant Tablets are instant tablets that form an aqueous solution of chlorine dioxide (ClO2). Dutrion tablets are added to a specific volume of water, are safe and easy to use.
The concentration of the working solution of chlorine dioxide is 0.2% (2000 mg / l).

Chlorine Dioxide Applications
Disinfection of drinking water for the supply of ships
Cleaning a dirty well
Pool water disinfection
Oil and gas industry
Over time, most wells experience a decrease in oil recovery (for production wells) or pumpability (for injection wells).

To some extent, this decrease is caused by acid-soluble plugging products, such as deposits of calcium carbonate and iron sulfide.

Salt deposits on the walls of the pipeline reduce the effective diameter, and therefore the throughput of the latter, often leading to clogging and even complete blockage of the well, failure of the pump, reduced fluid flow, etc.

This problem becomes especially relevant in the case of joint oil and water production.

The acid treatment has no effect on other plugging substances, among which are: organic biomass and residues of used polymer reagents.

The oxidizing power of chlorine dioxide, used in conjunction with conventional acid treatment, removes these clogging substances. That allows you to quickly restore the health of wells. Even in the liquid phase, it can penetrate into various sections of the wellbore, which other chemicals and biocides do not. Chlorine dioxide is highly soluble in oil, which gives it a unique opportunity to really affect the wettability / surface tension and, accordingly, helps to increase the flow of oil. This leads to an increase in production, which is not available to other methods.

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