Volunteers are asked to send their hair not in separate envelopes, but in boxes. Hair color and length do not matter.

American volunteers announced the collection of hair for the manufacture of mats, which are used as barriers to oil spills in the Gulf of Mexico.

The public organization Matter of Trust, which announced the call, has already collected hundreds of kilograms of hair sent by residents not only from the USA themselves, but also from Canada, Brazil, Germany, Great Britain and France.

The organization, which tested the tool in 2007 during an oil spill in San Francisco as a result of the accident on the Cosco Busan tanker, claims that every half a kilogram of hair mats absorb a quarter of the spilled oil.

Such environmentally friendly barriers and “blotters” are used several times, this non-profit organization notes. She asks individual donors to speed up stuffing nylon mats not to send hair in an individual envelope, arranging collective collection and sending in boxes.

The company notes on its website that human hair is accepted in any color and quality, preferably clean and only from the head! Pet hair is also good for stuffing oil barriers.

This “green” volunteer site notes that in the US, 370,000 salons cut about half a kilo of hair per day daily, calling for a collection system to produce environmentally friendly “oil collectors”.

IFAW experts believe that the oil slick that arose in the Gulf of Mexico after an accident on the Deepwater Horizon drilling platform on April 20 and already reached the Louisiana coast poses a serious danger to wildlife and could lead to an ecological catastrophe of historical proportions, the Foundation said.

An oil leak is being eliminated by more than 13 thousand specialists and volunteers. Больше читайте здесь: https://tsn.ua/ru/svit/zashchitnyi-barer-ot-razliva-nefti-v-luiziane-pytayutsya-sozdat-iz-volos.html