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Катушки для бонів

Reels for oil booms

The reels are designed to optimize storage space, transportation and ease of installation and removal of booms.

Options: with and without electric drive.
Reel consists of a frame, the rotating drum unit and drive unit.
It is installed in ships, boats suppliers containment barriers and coastal structures.

SIE «ECONAD» offers several reels modifications for containment barriers.

Reel with electric action
                                           Reel with electric action.
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Capacity, m 200 (booms)
Action Electric, with the possibility to switch to manual.
Alimentation 220 V
Loading and transport Equipped with rubber wheels and the central upper rod with rings.
Materials Profile of painted steel with anti-corrosive paint resistant to marine environment.

Reel with electric action is used to:
– Compact storage and transport of containment booms;
– Installation and removal of booms;
– Rapid deployment of barriers, which can accelerate the process of locating oil spill and oil products

 The advantages of electric reels with action:

– Optimization of space during storage and operation of oil barriers.
– Ease of unwinding and winding of containment barriers.
– They can be used both in the field and in the warehouse.

Buying our reels for barriers, quality equipment for optimization of space during storage and work with barriers is obtained; our website presents a variety of equipment, which will help in treatment work oil spills.

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