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Биосорбирующие мини-боны

Oil biosorbing mini-booms

Oil biosorbing mini-booms “ECONAD” are made as the sleeves of the polymer network, filled with hydrophobic and oleophilic biosorbent “Econadin” or polypropylene fibers.

Ingredients: biosorbent “Econadin” / polypropylene fibers
Absorbable liquids: oil, petroleum products, coolants, solvents
Color: white


Size Diameter 127 mm 200 mm
Length 500 mm 500 mm
Sorption capacity of 1pc. 5 L 8 L
Weight of 1pc. 0,4 kg 0,5 kg
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Consultation: +38(048)722-16-58  e-mail: contact@econadin.com

  Oil biosorbing mini-booms «ECONAD» are intended to:
– wastewater purificatiion from oil;
– stormwater protection;
– improving the quality of industrial wastewater treatment in stormwater.

Biosorbent “Econadin”  as a biosorbing mini-booms filler provides:
– the stimulation of natural self-cleaning processes;
– the (almost) lack of the sorbed oil desorption phenomena;
– the possibility of re(multiple)use of “ECONAD” biosorbing mini-booms in cases of light petroleum (gas condensate, gasoline, kerosene, diesel fuel) pollution;
– the possibility of recycling the waste filler by plowing at inconvenient to landfill, incineration in cases of heavy petroleum pollution (oil and petroleum).

 SIE “ECONAD” is the only one enterprise in Ukraine that produces oil biosorbing booms. Oil biosorbing booms “ECONAD” are protected by the patent of Ukraine.

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